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              Art and Copyright by DANNY HAHLBOHM
              Thank you Danny

                 Christ Jesus is my Lord and Savior.
                 It is written,
                 through Jesus Christ alone may we enter
                 into Gods Holy Kingdom.
                 We shall glorify and praise our Father
                 which is in Heaven.
                 I believe in Christ's Atonement,
                 and the ONLY way
                 to God our Father
                 is through Jesus Christ our Lord.

                 Jesus answered,
                 "I am the way
                 and the truth and the life.
                 No one comes to the Father
                 except through me.
                 John 14:6
                 I believe in this Statement of Faith

                 The BIBLE is the Living WORD
                 of our Heavenly Father
                 Jesus taught God's Word
                 when He walked on earth
                 and His Word is the Living TRUTH

                 St. Matthew 5 verses 13-17
                 "Ye are the salt of the earth:
                 but if the salt has lost
                 his savour, wherewith shall
                 it be salted? it is
                 thenceforth good for nothing,
                 but to be cast out,
                 and to be trodden under foot of men.

                 Ye are the light of the world.
                 A city that is set on
                 an hill cannot be hid.

                 Neither do men light a candle,
                 and put it under a bushel
                 but on a candlestick;
                 and it giveth light unto all
                 that are in the house.

                 Let your light so shine before men,
                 that they may see your
                 good works, and glorify your
                 Father which is in heaven.

                 Think not that I am come
                 to destroy the law,
            or the prophets:
                 I am not come to destroy,
                 but to fulfil."

                 "Fulfill" is the keyword,
                 God's Word will be "FULLFILLED"
                 Just as the prophecies have been.

                 I believe in Jesus Christ,
                 and I am not ashamed.
                 I am a sinner,
                 I pray to God in repentence
                 and plea His forgiveness.
                 I stand in faith,
                 praising our Living God.
                 I will serve Him,
                 with all my heart,
                 mind, body and soul.
                 I am blessed with a good life,
                 rich in love, forgiveness,
                 true compassion and peace within.
                 I submit to God
                 my struggles and weaknesses,
                 for He is my Healer
                 and my Strength. He is my Salvation
                 and my Redeemer.
                 Glory to God the Father,
                 God the Son,
                 and God the Holy Spirit
                 For They are One in the Trinity.

                 How much does Jesus love YOU
                 Breathtaking Paintings
                 by Artist DANNY HAHLBOHM

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