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Forever In His Debt

This piece is created by weaving
Non-fiction with Fiction, to create
an image of the devastation
in which I lived. And the peace filled
with joy, that I received after
accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior.
Now my heart sings out in praises,
for I have been "Redeemed"
by the Blood of the Lamb. A-men!

I lived in paranonia,
and travelled the dark roads,
I stood at the gates of Hell.
living in sin, and dying within,
I cried out in helpless despair.

I can't live this way anymore!"

I was at my end.
Tears poured down my face,
as I fell to my knees and prayed.
I asked God to forgive me of my sins.
and to direct my life.
I lifted my hand to wipe the tears
from my burning cheek.

When suddenly I saw the face
of my sweet Jesus.
He walked over to me
and lifted my chin.
He softly dried my tears,
then reached out and took my hand,
as we walked, I cried in repentence.
My tears fell into an ocean of His love.
All my sins, woes, and adversities,
flowed out along with my fears.
Oh, the dark clouds lifted,
and the sun shone in my heart.
Each step was easier to bear.
with the peace of God's freedom.

I started twirling and singing,
and shouting with great joy,
I thanked God that
"I Was Alive!"
I was cleansed by His precious Blood.
I was so caught up in the joy of living
that I forgot to say goodbye.
I turned around, when suddenly,
He disappeared into the mist.

A soft light shone through the clouds.
A gentle voice echoed into my ear,
It was the precious voice of my Savior,

"I am the Light,
go ye therefore unto all,
and let your light shine before men,
that they will see your good works
and glorify My Father who is in Heaven."

I fell to my knees and replied,

"I will, my Lord!"

Happy tears streamed down my face.
Tears of joy and faith.
Yes, Jesus saved my life
and I will forever be in His debt.
I shall glorify Him
for the rest of my days.
His Love will be within me
now and forever more.

1998 by Linda J. Adams

Linda's Reflections, My Poetry