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Prayer Of Love

You bestow on me creativity
and overflowing blessings.
In frightful moments,
You give me courage to face my fears.
I remain true to what I believe is right,
and faithfully admit when I am wrong.
In hours of desperation and discouragement,
You give me hope and assurance.
You heal my wounds of grief and sorrow
and bless me with joy in each tommorrow.
You carry me when I am weak,
and when my cross is to heavy to bear.
You shower me with inspiration,
and fill my heart with compassion,
that I may help others in adversity.
You bless my life with
Your endless undying love
You forgive me of my transgressions
and lead me into Your ever loving light.
Thank You Lord,
for giving me the gift of Salvation.
and thank You for loving me so much
that You died for me.
I give You all the Glory and Praise
for You alone are worthy.
and it is through Your saving Grace
that when I die, I shall live again.


1998 by Linda J. Adams

Linda's Reflections, My Poetry