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Although my Dad did not die in the Line of Duty
I still dedicate this to him for he served in the
Armed Forces, and was wounded in Action and received
a Purple Heart. He was Honorably Discharged after
5 years of service.

In Loving Memory

Lee J. Fisher
July 31, 1926
December 18, 1998

In Loving Memory

Ronald John Fisher
KIA-Killed In Action
July 27, 1950

Our Nation honors it's Sons and Daughters who served
on the vast battlefields and gave their lives for the
sole purpose of Democracy.
Freedom shall fly high in our American Flag,
for our ancestors and loved ones shed their blood,
fading into the stars and stripes of today and yesteryear.

May freedom always fly in the American Flag. Let us not
forget the Constitution or the Gettysburg Address,
for we are Americans living in a free country.

Freedom to make choices "within" Goverments Laws.

Let not our forefather's ghosts rise in the wake of
times to where our Nation has become a hypocrisy in the
eyes of others.

On this Memorial Day let us rise in rememberence for
the lives that were so bravely laid down for our Country.
Let us stand united under one GOD, under one Nation,
for We are the People.

We have it in our power to make this a great Nation
if we stand up for what is right and moral in
todays dark and bleak world.

If we let God control our lives
this world would be a safe place and
our cups would be running over with love.

Have a safe Memorial Weekend

The Fisher Family