In Memory of Roy Rogers

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Roy was a man who taught that honesty,
and moral values wasn't just in the movies
He lived it. He was a loving, forgiving, man
who cared for people, and he proved it in his
kindness and acts of charity. There can never
be another Roy Rogers, because no one could ever
fill Roys shoes, or walk his walk. A truely
remarkable man, living his life in the values
that he taught on the Silver Screen.
For that was truely the "Cowboy Way."
Roy, I salute you and stand in ovation for
all things you belived in and taught to
the young and old alike.
You have touched our lives,
and your memory
will never be forgotten.
Thank you for all the years of dedication.
We know you are riding Trigger
in Heaven
with Bullet running by your side.
You will be in our hearts forever.

The song playing is
"In The Sweet Bye and Bye"

"Until We Meet Again"

O' mystical sky of twilight hue,
Clouds of golden lining.
Reflecting upon the still waters
Of the vast and distant sea.
Roy Rogers and Trigger,
Phantoms of the sky.
Ride off into the sunset,
To a paradise in Cowboy Heaven.
'Tis a moment etched in time,
Capturing the essence of yesteryear.
Where shadows of remembrance,
Rise with the birth of each new dawn.
Memories of the silver screen,
Flash through my mind.
Happy Trails To You
A song in "Tribute" sung.
I stand in ovation to an era gone by,
And hold so dear a memory
Of my beloved Hero.

We love you and will miss you

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Alan's Happy Trails:

Linda J. Adams
Copyright August 15,1998