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Fall Of Autumn Years

I've laid my body down
as I rest from pain and strife.
My golden years come and gone
in the autumn of my life.

I've crossed the distant shore.
My destined soul travels on.
Into a veil of silence.
beyond the break of dawn.

I watch the world revolving.
where a part of me remains,
in the hearts of my children
in the sphere of their domain.

I thirst to drink from their youth,
share little things dismissing,
see the glow of remembrance,
through their eyes reminiscing.

I kiss away the sadness
of their melancholy hearts,
as they weather many storms,
to lifes mentor it imparts.

I shall be with them always,
but until then I await.
to join the family circle.
just beyond the pearly gate.

May the circle be unbroken,
for it is woven with our tears.
We'll meet in heavens glory,
in the fall of autumn years.

1998 by Linda J. Adams

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