Life is like a rose
If we are abandoned
malnutriented, or abused
we can wither up and die.
For these things
take the breathe out of life.

But if we are loved
nurtured and protected
we will blossom into pedals
unique and special
revealing a beautiful rose.

My friend whom I dedicate this page to
has known devastation and hardships
yet, she devotes her life to helping others.
She is God's special rose.

When she reaches out to help another human being,

she is reaching out in the Name of God.

When she reaches out with love,

and goodness in her heart,

she is glorifying and praising Jesus

Who is standing with open arms.

This describes my friend who is faithful and loves serving Jesus.
She reaches out to help those who are hurting, lonely, and desperate.
God has made her a servant to do His work, and she does it beautifully,
she has a beautiful soul that can never die,
and a drive that will never quit.
Please pray that the Lord will entervene in trying moments when she
feels a loss for words or unable to reach the hurting soul she is
trying to help.
She shares some of her poetry and you can feel the love she possesse's.
Without further ado here is the beautiful heartfelt poems from

Gods` power is awesomely displayed,
With signs and wonders ,
The stars in the heavens do say,
Oh search me people,
And find the ways,
And of whom we are made,
Come test my words,
To see they hold true,
If they do you`ve nothing to loose,
And so much to gain,
For in the Spirit we walk by faith,
To reveal an unknown place,
Where miricles are birthed,
And healings take place,
As you go forth to run the race,
Remember to whom you should always give thanks,
And forget not my benefits,
In my blood that I did shed,
The law was broken and then came grace,
Justifying all my saints,
The price already having been payed,
By my one and only son,
Who died for you and rose again,
And did it all without a complaint,
He conqored the grave which gave him strength,
And came to sit in the heavenly place,
Making intercession every day,
Sending the Holy Ghost by request in his name,
Just so you could win the race.

“The Trinity”
God is different than we think,
As you seek him you shall see,
All the love he holds for thee,
For he is the author of peace,
His love is perfect as you will see,
As you read his word with me,
The three in one, called the Trinity,
Is all we`ll ever need,
God holds it all within your reach,
Salvation,healing,love,and peace,
Is found in these very three,
Just read John chapter three,
And first corinthians thirteen,
For ephesians two verse eight,
We are simply saved by grace,
Having made peace through the blood of his cross,
By him to whom we`re reconciled,
As in Romans eight verse five,
God commandeth his love for us,
While we were yet sinners,
Christ died for us,
And John fifteen verse twenty-six,
The Comforter,the Holy Ghost,
The father will send thee in my name,
He shall teach you,and bring to rememberance,
Those things that Jesus speaks,
And so much more than these,
Will he open your eyes to see,
And open your ears to hear,
And lead you always in truth.

Tears From The Sky

How many tears has Jesus cried,
they flow so deep and wide,
like the oceans of the earth,
infinate are his tears,

In Noah`s days rain flooded the earth,
Could it have been Gods` tears,
that raised the ark up to the sky,
how many tears has God cried,

Could the rain be Jesus` tears,
filling the streams and the lakes,
thundering his anger those days,
is it his way to cry and be heard,

As His tears fall from the sky,
I know he`s praying for you and I,
as he sits upon his throne on high,
Those very tears come from his eyes,

He stands up with open arms,
and makes a rainbow in rememberance,
of the promise he has made,
as one more tear strolls down his face,

He has heard someones prayer and faith,
moved with compassion he gives them grace,
showing his power this very day,
he turns aside wiping tears from his eyes,

As he turns and sits back down,
He makes the winds begin to blow,
creating whirlwinds for each of those,
who made those very tears flow,


Listen to a childs tale
as we walk the awkwardness
Of being different from the rest
A tale of darkness the things unseen
By those whom we shouldn`t trust but feel we must
As we are different from the rest
As this childs tale is told another just begins
One of shame and disgust
Is it our fault we feel it must
What did we do to deserve all this
Just then it all starts again
The hidden places the hidden pain
No where to run and no one to tell
As we are just different to say the least
As some may die physically while yet another by suicide
But then there`s me who’s just different as can be
Dieing more every day while hiding it from the world
As you see a smile I wear a frown
From the inside out deception rules a childs heart
Taught by those who ought to know
What loving hands are suppose to show
Confusing thoughts you might say
Place yourself in this childs shoes for a day
When silence is tought to be the way
For fear of what people say
Might be taken away
And so the child fears that day
What will happen to me today
As I tell the secrets done
In that awful hidden place
As the wounded child stays
A little longer each and every day
After school to get away
From the secrets of home one day I shared
Looking for help while it never comes
As the silent code was erased
The healing started that day
And continues still each and every day

"Butterflies Wings"

Hopes and dreams dancing,
On butterflies wings,
Soaring through the winds of time,
Always there,
Yet never reached,
Always swirling,
Then comes the beat,
Of the butterflies fluttering wings,
Thoughts go soaring,
Through the mind,
As butterflies in the sky,
Some fly high,
And some fly low,
Yet, all make an impact,
And all are known,
As they flutter by,
And dangle the dreams,
They seem so near,
Yet, out of reach,
As you try to grab one,
They fly out of reach,
Flapping their wings,
In the near by breeze,
Brilliant and beautiful,
Butterflies can be,
Only when they are free,
To flutter their wings,
And fly swiftly away,
To wherever the wind will take,
Maybe in a field that day,
Of flowers and lilies,
Or just blades of grass,
As thoughts tumble through our minds,
Of being free like the butterfly,
But they have to learn to fly,
Then comes the beat,
Of the butterflies fluttering wings.

Flowers Of The Earth

You have a plan that hasn`t been told,
Of winning hearts and saving souls,
While your in charge they always unfold,
At first a bud,a ray of hope,
Till a beautiful flower unfolds,
As long as it`s nurtured,
It continues to grow,
Then it`s beauty it will show,
As it bears it`s very soul,
Look beyond it`s roots,
That started in the ground and soot,
As then it needed nourishment,
To help it grow and to sprout,
Without the weeds or the doubts,
If it`s trampled to the ground,
Leaving seed for next years round,
Having faith it`ll abound,
Believing it`ll be around,
To yeild it`s fruit above the ground,
Maybe this year if not the next,
Carried in the blood of decent,
Never worried if it`s to be,
Here or there or not at all,
It just flourishes and grows it`s roots,
Having faith to yeild it`s fruit,
To bear it`s soul and not dispute,
The color God chose,
In it to be clothed,
As a story of the flower unfolds,
Through sunshine,mists,and the rain,
Watch Gods` creation taking place,
As lives are intimately changed,
Started as a seed they birthed,
And became flowers of the earth,

Prison Of The Mind

Prison Of The mind
I don`t know how or what to say,
I just want to die today,
to quietly say goodbye,
and slide away,
wish no one would stop me,
wish they all would just let me go,
I dream of peace,the place unknown,
where no more pain is felt,
is there a God in the heavens above,
is there really streets of gold,
where is this peace I`ve been told,
it all seems like untouchable dreams,
maybe were all just his little toys,
made to suffer while he enjoys,
the pain of watching us slowly destroyed,
as salt pours in and blood begins to flow,
left there to live in my own little hell,
as the wounds are cut deeper into my soul,
where no healings found and no one knows,
cause no one see`s not even me,
As my mind holds the untold,
and won`t let me know,
what`s been done still goes untold,
locked behind walls that can`t be broke,
all the memories of being so sad,
of wanting to die have haunted me,
from day one to twenty five,
imprisoned in my mind,
Can`t imagine why God wants me to live,
this hell in my mind I just want to die,
can`t find the keys seems I`m just out of time,
for my kids and my husband I`ve desperately tried,
just can`t remember why I want to die,
seems like it`s all just a really bad dream,
sure wish I had the keys,
to let me out of the prison in my mind.

"Reach Inside"

As survivors we must reach,
Inside our inner most beings,
To muster the strength,
To become complete,
To face the things,
That hurt so deep,
To find the ways,
Without retreat,
Hold on to the dreams,
Even when you can`t see,
That they are within reach,
Never loose hope,
For it`s always there,
Tucked in our hearts,
For when we feel despair,
Just as the stars shine each night,
Even when the clouds block their light,
Sometimes they peek through,
Shinning so bright,
Some nights they just struggle,
But we know they are there,
And will remain untill dawn,
So we must do whatever it takes,
To find a light in the midst of the pain,
To face the issues and reveal the cause,
As this journey is long,
We must never give up,
And hold on to faith,
In the midst of the storm,
And do what it takes,
To finally see,
Daylight comes,
If we hold on and believe,
Eventually we will,
Become complete.

I Pledge My Love

As I sit and think of you,
And all the special things you do,
I say a little prayer for you,

In my dreams I see you there,
walking with me by my side,
never leaving when in comes the tide,

but holding us steady teaching me to glide,
getting me ready to soar and fly,
and reach those goals high in the sky,

I always thought people like you were a dream,
yet I see you standing here,
as my dreams came true when I found you ,

You have changed me in so many ways,
I will no longer be the same,
as we walk together life`s winding maze,

as we grow our steps become one,
no longer all mixed up,
For we two have become one,

Never fearing what lies ahead,
together we`ll face it,
And we`ll come out ahead,

Divorce is no option when your in love,
so how do you just fall out of love,
when true love stays and never runs,

As I pledged my love our wedding day,
I stand by your side and pray,
for our strength each and every day,

Remember My Love

I am your Father
Waiting for you to come to me
I love you my child
As I sit here thinking of you
Would you like to take a walk and talk today
I see your hurt
And wish to take it all away
If you would just let me
I know what’s on your mind
Won’t you please talk to me
I love you and long for you to come to me
Please tell me whats on your mind
My love is different my child
It is perfect and not hurtful
My love promotes healing in your inner being
You my child are the apple of my eye
I am not like your earthly father
Who has hurt you so deep
And left you in despair
I wish to heal you and make you whole
If you would just come to me
Will you take that walk with me
We could walk along the beach
And watch the waves I made roll up on the sand
I love you my child even before I created the world
I loved you then and I love you now
So please accept a gift from me
Of eternal life to make you complete
Let me fill the void in your life
And give you a new life to live
Let me show you the wonders ahead
If you would only come and walk with me
My child I love you with no strings attached
You are free to go and make a wrong choice
Oh how that hurts me when I must just sit back
And watch the mistakes you make as you turn your back
I still love you my child
And always welcome you back
To my loving arms in a flash
And I wish you would walk with me and not look back
I will give you a future
That is not all black
I will give you my hands

When you need a lift
And carry your burdens
On my very own back
If you would just give them to me
And never take them back
I love you my child
And long for your trust
As you walk with me
You will see just how much
So just remember my child
Always my love

Thank you P.K.Zelly for sharing your God given talent.
You are a beautiful soul, and a very caring person.
I thank God for you and everyone like you.
May God bless you and shine His ever loving grace upon you.

All poems are the sole property of P.K.Zelly.
They are protected by copyright laws, please do not reproduce
or copy in any way without prior permission from P.K.Zelly.

If you are suffering from abuse, the important thing to know
is you are not alone. There is help, please click The Wounded Healers link.
God bless you and please know that someone cares.

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