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I believe in Jesus
In whom I will not shame
He died, and rose again
Praise!! Glory!! in His Name.

I believe He walks with me
through my trials in life
I believe His shedding tears
wept from my pain and strife.

I believe in Eternal Life
where someday I will go
I believe, O' yes I do!
for Jesus told me so.

I believe I'll dwell with Him
for a thousand years
I believe there's no more pain
sorrow, sin or tears.

I believe my life was planned
here on earth where I tarry.
I believe in the cross
that I alone must carry

I believe my loved ones gone,
await, on grounds they've trod
I believe we'll meet again
beyond the veil, in site of God.

1998 by Linda J. Adams

Linda's Reflections, My Poetry