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Jesus Can You Hear Me

Sweet Jesus can You hear me?
I cannot bear it all,
I stand right here beside the phone
and wait for You to call.
Help me find my way Lord
I'm feeling very small,
I cannot live without You
for I will surely fall.
Some people say I'm slow to learn
and that I just don't fit,
I tell them what You said to me
"that I should never quit."
Help me face adversities
with peace in my heart,
Help me Lord to love the one
who tore my world apart.

Jesus will You calm the storm
that floods inside of me?
And dry my eyes of the tears
in hopes that I might see.
Place Your healing hand upon
the broken side of me,
I cannot live without You Lord
I'd die in agony.
Help me find my way Lord
remove my selfish pride,
take away all doubts and sin
that marr my soul inside.
I know You died to rid me of
a life filled with sin,
I thank You every moment for...
Your Saving Grace within.

Lead me in Your Army Lord
the battles just begun,
Darkness falls upon the earth
where evil deeds are done.
Help me to remember
that I'm not in control,
Break these chains that bind Lord
and cleanse my weary soul.
Help me find my way Lord
be my Beacon in the night,
Guide me and direct me,
lead to me to Your shining Light.
Lift the strife upon this land
filled with hate and greed,
I ask You please Lord Jesus...
will You intercede.

1998 by Linda J. Adams

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