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I Shall Lift Up My Eyes Upon Jesus

When I bear the pain
from life's struggles.
when I feel like I can't travel on.
I lift up my eyes upon Jesus,
all my troubles will fade, and be gone.

I look in His sweet, tender face,
I lay down my cross of sorrow.
He stand's there with open arms
and holds the keys of tommorrow.

I think about what I have to gain,
when I yield at journeys end,
the transformation of my soul,
to my faithful and Holy Friend.

There is a mansion on a hilltop,
where the Lighthouse brings in the tide.
Beautiful isile, in Beulah Land,
it's Portals are open wide.

I will journey through this Pearly Gate
When my final breathe slips away.
I shall see the face of my precious Savior.
upon the great Judgement Day.

I will account for my transgressions,
for my Lord paid the price of my sin.
I shall lift up my eyes upon Jesus,
for redemption and peace within.

1998 by Linda J. Adams

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