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I lived a life of guilt, shame and despair
I wondered in fear and didn't seem to care.
My heavily burdened soul I carried
that rooted deeper the longer I tarried.

My soul was damned unto eternal death
I wrenched emotionally in every breath.
Then remorse fell upon my contrite heart
as the demons hold began to pull apart.

I fell to my knees in repenting prayer
and You gently lifted out all despair.
I've learned when life's desires tempting me
I rebuke satan in Your Name, and he will flee.

Jesus, Your blood made the difference in me
I tell it now for all the world to see.
Through You alone, my soul can now be free
for You died on the Cross at Calvary.

O' my Savior Your face I long to see,
and serving You, I will forever be,
I'll worship You for all eternity
for You saved a wrenched sinner like me.

1999 by Linda J. Adams
All rights reserved.

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